Learn the Top 10 Benefits to Using 3D Scanning Technology in 2017

If you have ever walked into a Plant Manager’s office after he has retired to find his desk has piles and piles of old engineering drawings that you now need to make sense of…You are not alone.

If you have thought, “There has got to be a better way!”… You are not alone.

Plant Managers, Plant Engineers and other industrial plant/mine employees are under increasing pressure to deliver on production and profits. Constantly maintaining and upgrading their facilities is part of their day to day existence. Efficiently completing these projects on-schedule and on-budget is just one key to successfully achieving their goals.

What if using 3D Scanning Technology could reduce rework and improve each project’s ROI? What if you could enhance employee safety with this technology? What if you could learn how to use 3D Scanning Technology without the fear of tech-overwhelm?

Join us on March 21st at 10am CST for a webinar where our tech-specialist, Brett Settles, will help you learn how easy it can be to employ 3D Scanning Technology.

In under 45 minutes, he’ll explain:
1) The Top 10 Uses for 3D Scanning Technology: A few examples are how 3D Scanning will enhance employee safety, reduce rework on projects, and how it will give you a jump on every project you tackle in the future. 3D Scanning is the gift that keeps on giving.

2) The potential computer upgrades you might need to utilize the technology as well as how to avoid tech-overwhelm.

If you think it sounds confusing or expensive, you might change you mind after this webinar.

We will share with you how some leading industrial facilities/mines have put 3D Scanning solutions to work to impact their project success metrics, and how you can do it too!

Sign up below. See you on March 21st…

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