• Engineering for the implementation of a plant to treat power plant coal ash
    PENTA is assisting a client with the engineering of a plant to be built in the Southeastern United States for treating power plant coal ash. The system will process the landfilled ash for beneficial use in other industries.
  • Structural Failure Analysis
    3D scanning of a storage facility in the Midwest to help determine the cause of the structural failure of storage in a warehouse for a food and beverage client.
  • FEED Engineering for a fly ash recovery system at a power plant
    PENTA is providing the FEED Engineering for anew fly ash handling system that will reclaim fly ash from landfills where millions of tons of fly ash and bottom ash have been stockpiled. The system will recover the ash, dry it and classify it to produce a material that meets the ASTM C-618 specification.
  • Design of a Mechanical Safety System
    PENTA completed the design of a mechanical safety system at a Southwestern United States metallic mine that will isolate screens from a conveyor belt below allowing maintenance staff to work safely.
  • Structural Inspection
    PENTA performed the visual structural inspection of a preheater tower at a cement plant, and a stack inspection of a steel stack for another cement client.
  • Structural Engineering
    PENTA provided structural engineering support and review for the preheater tower superstructure as part of a cement plant improvement project.
  • Detail Electrical Engineering
    PENTA has been retained to provide detail electrical engineering for a Midwestern industrial minerals client.  The client originally selected PENTA to study and provide recommendations to improve the existing electrical infrastructure at the plant.  As a result of the study, PENTA has been retained to complete the detail electrical engineering associated with the recommendations. The improvements will help minimize unplanned downtime and outages.  PENTA will provide engineering to design replacement substations, switchgears and transformers, and develop bid packages for procurement and installation of the new equipment.


  • Feasibility Study – Acid Plant Rail Loadout Facility
    PENTA conducted a feasibility study for an acid plant rail load-out facility in Arizona. The client required this study to safely and economically deliver sulfuric acid to other processing facilities. The study quantified the potential cost savings while developing an estimate of the cost to build the new facility. Several loading capacity options were evaluated. Disciplines involved in this study included Project Management, Mechanical, Structural and Electrical engineering.
  • Structural Engineering for the Remediation Work of a Ball Mill Foundation
    PENTA was requested to study a ball mill foundation at a cement facility in New Mexico that was exhibiting signs of cracking and had developed vibrations. An experienced structural engineer visited the site, collected the data and developed the engineering for the remediation work. IFC drawings for the foundation modifications were also provided.
  • Structural Engineering for the Repair of a Concrete Silo
    PENTA provided the structural engineering for the repair of a concrete storage silo at a facility in Illinois that leases and operates a fly ash terminal. The stored material pressure had caused the silo to burst.
  • Conceptual Design for Lime Terminal Uprades
    PENTA is providing conceptual design and capital estimates estimates to upgrade two lime terminals located in West Virginia and Louisiana, including barge dock needs, silo loading and rail and truck loadout. The upgrades were required to handle increased throughputs and provide better reliability.
  • EPC Project – New Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) System
    PENTA is conducting an Electrical EPC project for the construction of a new tire derived fuel system at a plant in Texas for which we had previously performed the engineering and assisted in purchasing the electrical equipment. The TDF system will include a shredder system, weigh belt, high angle conveyor and horizontal conveyor that will introduce the TDF into the existing preheater system. The tire storage/staging and shredding area will be protected by a pre-engineered roof.
  • Engineering for Fly Ash Handling Systems Modifications
    PENTA provided engineering services for the modification of fly ash handling systems at two terminals in Indiana. The project included modifications to the fly ash storage silo to be able to load trucks and to truck the fly ash in pneumatic haulers to a barge loadout terminal. The terminal will also be receiving dry fly ash from other power plants. PENTA provided Issued for Construction drawings, engineering services to further define the project scope and a capital estimate to implement the barge loading facility at the terminal.
  • Visual Inspection of Terminal Silos
    PENTA performed a visual inspection in Maryland of existing terminal silos and overhangs to assess current safety concerns, address the potential for any OSHA inquiries, and determine if further testing and/or necessary repairs were needed.
  • On-site Engineering Support
    PENTA has been providing on-site engineering support to a mining operation in Arizona during the construction of a concentrate blending and storage facility.
  • Engineering for a Brownfield Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Grinding Plant
    PENTA is performing civil/structural engineering and mechanical engineering for a brownfield ground-granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS) grinding plant at an undisclosed Gulf Coast location. The new plant will have a raw slag receiving area to accept the slag granules trucked from the port. Gypsum and limestone additives are to be fed to the mill by a separate material handling and dosing system. A single ball mill system is being installed to grind slag to produce 500,000 tons per year. Additionally, a separate blended cement product consisting of controlled proportions of GGBFS and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) will be produced by the new plant.
  • Engineering for Building Expansion at an Industrial Minerals Plant
    PENTA is performing the engineering for the expansion of a building at an industrial minerals production plant. The client is planning to expand an existing building, consolidate operations including pneumatic conveyance, storages and packaging, and increase production at the plant. Dust collection for the expansion and electrical controls will be implemented. PENTA’s role includes civil/structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and further development of equipment specifications.
  • Structural Design for the Support of Dust Collection Systems
    PENTA performed the structural design for a dust collection system support structure at a ground calcium carbonate production plant in Texas.
  • As an extension of a tire derived fuel system engineered by PENTA, we assisted a cement producer in TX in purchasing and installing the electrical equipment for the project.
  • PENTA is engineering the design of a new grinding system for a diversified minerals facility.  The new system will be processing natural pozzolan at a rate of 12 tph, at a specific particle size, requiring equipment as follows:  raw material receiving bunker, milling system, fluid dryer and pneumatic conveying finished product to storage. PENTA is also assisting with air permitting applications.
  • We conducted an electrical audit of a bauxite processing plant in Arkansas with deteriorating equipment causing untimely downtime and outages.  Following our visit to assess the electrical infrastructure, we prepared a report with recommendations for near term fix and a long-term plan to upgrade the infrastructure and improve system reliability.
  • Work for improvements to copper concentrate storage and blending facility located in Arizona.  The order was for the design and detail engineering of an electrical building and cable routing.
  • Additional work was requested for the installation of a new preheater and lime calcining system for a magnesia specialties manufacturing plant in Ohio.
  • PENTA is conducting work for a major limestone producing firm in Wisconsin including the detail engineering and procurement of equipment for its enhanced hydrator project.
  • PENTA was awarded a project for the conceptual study for the rail terminal at a cement grinding plant in Houston.  The study considered a facility capable of loading 15 railcars per day and pneumatically conveying 80-100 mtons/hr.
  • PENTA provided the engineering for new intake and return ventilation shafts and fans for an underground coal mine facility in Illinois.  In addition, PENTA is engineering a new bathhouse, man-material hoist, and rock dust bin.
  • Following a fire, PENTA performed the structural assessment of a cooler structure at a cement facility in Maine.  Recommendations were made to the client on immediate and short-term actions.
  • Conceptual engineering and CapEx for feeding whole tires to kilns, partially replacing fuel, at a cement plant in Michigan.  The study required determining an appropriate location along the kiln through a specially designed airlock system.
  • The Consulting arm of PENTA was asked to perform a conceptual study for a greenfield diatomite plant in Libya.  The initial phase consisted of assisting in the geological exploration program and evaluating the chemical and physical properties of the diatomaceous earth deposit.
  • PENTA was awarded the Engineering, Procurement and Construction for a waste water treatment facility in Colorado. The project involves the relocation of rail tracks and equipment associated with the tracks.  PENTA Engineering and PENTA Industrial are actively participating in the following aspects: pre-construction, expediting contractor work, quality control, coordinating contractor work, contract drawing, revisions and record sets, weekly progress meetings, and construction functions including quality control, schedule, record maintenance, commissioning and start-up.
  • PENTA was awarded an electrical audit for a fire-retardant additives plant in AR. Their old equipment has deteriorated and is causing untimely downtime and outages. The audit of the existing infrastructure will include an assessment of the fitness for use, followed by a report with recommendations for both near term fixes, and a long-term plan to upgrade the existing infrastructure and improve system reliability.
  • PENTA was awarded the design of a complete structural foundation for six lime kiln preheater columns and a free-standing stack foundation for a facility in OH.
  • PENTA was asked to strengthen the silos at a facility in Louisiana as a result of a silo review engineering study conducted previously.
  • We evaluated a concrete silo wall for structural soundness at a cement plant in IL.
  • PENTA was awarded the engineering for the installation of a tire derived fuel (TDF) system at a plant in TX. The TDF system included a shredder with canopy, weigh belt, vertical conveyance via high angle conveyor and horizontal conveyor that introduces the TDF into the calciner. The shredding system operates at 10 tph and shred size is 2- 4”.
  • PENTA conducted a silo review for a facility in Louisiana, followed by structural design for silo strengthening.
  • PENTA was awarded the electrical engineering for a control scheme for an electrical one-line follow-up for a 3rd party bypass switch on a pump.
  • We have been awarded field service in a mine facility in IL. We will be assisting our client’s crew in guiding the placement of bolts in the roof, and adding safety supports throughout the project’s execution.
  • A specialty drone was used to inspect the interior of a silo during an outage. Previously, we had inspected the exterior of the silo for this cement producing plant in TX. A report of the inspection was provided to our client.


  • Engineering for the design and permitting for a ponded ash processing system.  The production capacity will be 25 tph. PENTA will provide project management, a geotechnical study, civil design and surveying, and mechanical engineering.  The processing unit will be used for the beneficiation of coal combustion residuals (CCR).
  • Engineering for design and permitting for a new slag grinding plant.  The project includes 3 grinding lines with the provision to add a 4th line. Each line will operate at a rate of 12 tph, producing +/- 130,000 tpy.  Included in PENTA’s services are project management, obtain geotechnical investigation, soils report with foundation and road recommendations, civil design, surveying, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering.
  • For a waste derived fuel production line in Florida, PENTA was awarded the design, procurement assistance, PLC programming, and plant commissioning.  
  • For a new cement line in Indiana, PENTA was awarded the engineering assistance for the “pilot” design of a preheater tower.
  • During the inspection of a cement plant in Missouri, serious deflections were detected in the steel beams of a silo roof.  PENTA was commissioned to engineer the roof beam replacement. In addition to the design of the remedial work and detail reinforcement drawings, PENTA provided site technical support during the repair work.
  • PENTA provided the CapEx for a 40,000 tpy Greenfield fire-retardant additives plant.  Included in the estimate were the plant’s crude storage, elevator, silos, transport system, digestion, filtration, holding tanks, precipitation, centrifuge, bead mill, Pannevis filter, product storage, bulk loadout and packaging.
  • PENTA conducted an order-of-magnitude CapEx study of a clay calcining system for a borax refining facility in California. The ‘roasting’ system utilized in the thermal treatment considered to recover lithium in the waste clay included environmental controls and heat recovery by feed preheating.
  • PENTA provided process assistance for a batch blender inerting and venting operation at a fire-retardant additives manufacturing facility in Georgia.  Our services were requested to mitigate the fire and explosion hazard associated with ethanol and methanol vapors and address other process issues. The project was approached in two phases: preliminary engineering design for (1) inerting atmosphere process, and (2) for the expansion of the hopper and dust collection process.
  • PENTA provided the conceptual design and 15% CapEx as part of a material transport engineering study for a cement plant in Kansas. The plant’s intent is to operate up to 15 tph, load material into a new hopper, meter the material via a new weigh feeder onto an existing belt conveyor and deliver it to the cement mill.  This is what’s known in the cement industry as “dust shuttling” which is a procedure to reduce mercury emissions from the stack.
  • PENTA applied an anti-corrosive coating to a lead smelter baghouse cell in Pennsylvania.  The procedure consisted of sand blasting the interior surface of the baghouse to a near white metal, applying the selected anti-corrosive material (to include the hopper, tubesheet, doors, door frame, walls and ceiling); and performing forced heat to cure the product per manufacturer specifications.
  • PENTA provided the engineering for the addition of a classifier to the production stream of a silicate crushing circuit at an industrial minerals plant in South Dakota.  The final products, quartz and feldspar, range from 10 to 325 mesh. Previously, PENTA had developed a crushing, screening and loadout facility.
  • PENTA provided the engineering for the addition of a classifier to the production stream of a silicate crushing circuit at an industrial minerals plant in South Dakota.  The final products, quartz and feldspar, range from 10 to 325 mesh. Previously, PENTA had developed a crushing, screening and loadout facility.
  • A port facility in Florida was evaluated by PENTA to be able to bring in approximately 30,000 tons of fly ash at the time.  There is an existing conveying system to the storage building, but the condition and possible modifications to the equipment needed to be assessed.
  • PENTA provided the conceptual design for a roofing shingles production plant in Missouri which included a tarping station, air locks at the palletizer, monorail installation, and rail unloading system modifications.
  • In order to assist with a permitting process, PENTA produced a report and drawing showing the installation of a generator set for a facility in Rock Hill, SC, along with a method to reduce noise level.
  • PENTA assisted a client in St. Louis, MO with a concrete leveling pad drawing required to obtain a construction permit
  • We performed electrical engineering for a CKD metering system for a cement plant in Missouri.
  • On PENTA’s Industrial side, we were awarded an EPC-style capital expense study for a new loadout station for a cement plant in Texas in addition to the visual structural inspection of storage silos. A flowsheet, equipment list, plot plan, GAs, equipment specifications and schedule were part of our deliverables.
  • PENTA was awarded additional engineering work for a concentrate storage and blending facility and for a baghouse replacement in Arizona.
  • PENTA was awarded additional engineering work for a kiln baghouse replacement for a cement producer in Rapid City, SD.
  • For a client in Virginia, PENTA worked on a project that involved relocating a silo and associated equipment from one state to another.  We provided silo foundation and general arrangement drawings to specify new equipment for installation, and ensure the layout of a new silo, bucket elevator and screw conveyor fits.
  • PENTA continued providing mechanical engineering support on site to a lead smelting plant in Missouri.
  • PENTA visited a mineral resources site to evaluate mineable reserves and other critical information as requested by the Client.
  • PENTA provided structural engineering to strengthen portal openings on cement silos at a cement manufacturing facility in Missouri.
  • PENTA provided the engineering to repair a bolted sand bin roof for a certified steel fabrication facility in PA.
  • A company that manufactures batteries for industrial use hired PENTA Industrial to apply FlueGard, anti-corrosion coating, to a baghouse.
  • PENTA provided a cost estimate to recommission a kiln spray tower for a major lime producer.
  • Feasibility study for upgrading a clinker handling system and off-spec silo for a major cement manufacturing facility in Texas.  PENTA evaluated 4 options and provided an EPC-style CAPEX for the preferred option.
  • For a manufacturer of high quality building materials in South Dakota, PENTA provided the Engineering to replace a kiln baghouse.
  • For a major cement manufacturing facility in Missouri, PENTA provided the Engineering for an improved, more accurate CKD metering system.  This involved the structural detail design for a new bin, support steel structure, screw conveyor, foundations, as well as mechanical design and layout of conveyors, chute and bin venting system.  A 3D scan of some areas was also performed.
  • PENTA visited the site of an agricultural facility in Illinois to conduct a study of the grain facility, evaluating silos, bins, etc. and generated a report with findings and recommendations for additional evaluation and improvements.
  • PENTA provided engineering services related to a pressure leaf filter for a company that provides mechanical services, installations, rigging and installations in Virginia.  The system included a pre-filter tank, new pump, modification of access platform, and structural supports.
  • For a company in Colorado that provides transportation, transloading and environmental cleanup solutions, PENTA supplied three building concepts at a new site.  The concepts included a single-story, two-story and three-story buildings. The layouts also illustrated the proposed track layout, silos, tank farm, truck scale and traffic pattern.
  • Biofuel Processing Plant in Tampa, FL.  PENTA is providing EPCM services for a Secondary Recovered Materials to Enviro-fuel pellets production line.  The fuel will be used to provide ‘green’ energy to fire cement and lime plants.
  • PENTA worked again with the Structural Group for the repair of a bank of salt silos in Utah, USA.
  • Cement Plant in South Dakota USA. Design engineering for foundation repairs and Conceptual Engineering and CapEx an overland conveyor.
  • Industrial Minerals Plant in Missouri, USA.  Design engineering for truck scale and two loadout stations.
  • Phosphate Calcining Plant in Idaho – Engineering to optimize coal transport system to the kiln burner.  Over the years, PENTA has worked in modernizing the coal handling pulverizing at this key chemical plant.  This calcining plant was originally designed by Bendy Engineering Company, a precursor to PENTA Engineering.
  • Copper Mining Operation in Arizona. PENTA was awarded the design for a concentrate storage and blending facility including final engineering for construction, assistance with procurement of equipment and fabrication/construction services.
  • Lead Smelting Plant in Missouri, USA. PENTA provided site Mechanical Engineering support and Project Management assistance for one plant area and Construction Management for a wet scrubber system modification in another sector of the plant.
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant in Denver, Colorado USA.  Plant inventory engineering services and market valuation of the facility for relocation to another site to allow construction of a new park and recreation area along the South Platte River.
  • Battery Recycling Plant in Pennsylvania, USA.  PENTA Industrial installed corrosion protection coatings to the dust collection baghouse to protect the very aggressive acid corrosion of the processing plant off-gases.
  • PENTA assisted a major lime producer in the US with the preliminary engineering for the receiving, handling and firing of a solid bio-mass fuel.
  • PENTA prepared the designs for a new air compressor system for a salt plant in Louisiana.  PENTA has provided many projects for the salt mining industry in recent years including a major salt importing port facility.  An engineering evaluation of the salt mine operations was also carried out in order to increase production and efficiency. This included studying the installation of new rotary screens while keeping the existing ones operational during construction.
  • PENTA supplied engineering for several projects for a lead smelter in Missouri involving streamline handling of trash kettles, gator box modifications, MCC room modifications, water drainage and decontamination stations.
  • PENTA was involved in engineering solutions for the roofs of a bank of silos in danger of failure.  The cement silo roofs were showing severe deflections and roof slab cracking. PENTA worked hand-in-hand with the Structural Group to remedy the structures giving new life to an old structure that is critical to the operations of this cement plant as all cement shipments by rail and truck are dispatched from these silos.
  • PENTA evaluated options for an enhanced hydrator at one of the Midwest USA plants. A report with the CapEX, flowsheets, equipment list and 3D model arrangements were provided for the customer.
  • PENTA performed the structural inspection of steel plate loadout bins and concrete silos at two cement terminals in Louisiana.  The mechanical inspection and assessment of lump crushers on top of silos and at withdrawal; and assessment to replace existing extraction belt and bucket elevator with automated gates and FK pumps.
  • Georgia USA Cement Terminal.  Study to replace a pneumatic unloading system with a mechanical conveying system to increase capacity and reduce rail unloading time.
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