• EPC and EPCM contracts provide a single point of responsibility throughout the scope of a project’s life cycle.
  • A single contract for the execution of a project reduces the Owner’s staff dedicated to the project.
  • Issues that can throw construction off schedule, such as engineering, procurement and construction, are better managed under one roof.
  • EPC or EPCM projects translate into cost savings, generally a result of on-schedule deliveries and less rework.
  • In-house engineering enhances the quality of construction since the construction management team will have an intimate knowledge of the design.


Project Management

PENTA manages the many complexities associated with any type of plant upgrade or Greenfield project allowing clients to focus on productivity of existing facilities. PENTA offers a professional project management approach that focuses on critical project tasks to keep the project on-schedule and on-budget.

Engineering Design

PENTA’s strong engineering foundation has historically been PENTA’s strong suit, and has aided in our ability to deliver successful project outcomes.


PENTA’s Senior Procurement Specialists will recommend the most suited equipment to meet our Customers’ project goals, prepare equipment bid documents and handle vendor negotiations.  To keep the project running on-schedule and on-budget, we work with vendors that have a great reputation for delivery materials and equipment in a timely fashion.

Construction Management

PENTA manages the work of its subcontractors as the construction project progresses, anticipating and resolving issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.


PENTA minimizes delays by coordinating all aspects of the project: design; equipment, materials, and construction; procurement; and the day-to-day management of construction activities.

One method we have used for expediting construction schedules has taken the form of modular/containerized designs for distribution terminals; pre-fabricating certain portions of the project off-site. Pre-fabrications allow us to deliver and install certain portions of the project very quickly.


PENTA’s Engineering and Construction Managers provide a unique combination of field and design experience which allows PENTA to deliver practical solutions.

Case Study

A cement plant in the U.S. received quotes from suppliers proposing to build a new storage dome a long distance from the existing facility.  Space was at a premium, but after careful analysis and fieldwork, conceptual engineering was developed to build the dome closer to the facility, saving millions in construction costs.  PENTA’s engineering expertise helped this client realize ROI goals by improving CAPEX and OPEX metrics.

Our engineering knowledge helps modify designs to help the project schedule.

Case Study

To expedite the schedule for an international cement plant project, we modified our design to construct a hybrid steel and concrete bulk storage structure due to delays in structural steel deliveries. By modifying designs of the lower part of the building to reinforced concrete, PENTA ensured the project kept running on-schedule so the company’s ROI expectations were achieved.

PENTA is not an OEM. PENTA will customize each project to fit your specific needs and requirements. We often mix and match the best technologies to provide our customers with the most innovative, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solutions. PENTA will ensure warranties and guarantees for each piece of equipment are in place so equipment manufacturers are held responsible for performance of their equipment.

Case Study

Project in South America using equipment from different OEMs.

  • Pipe Conveyor supplied by Beumer – 1200 mtph and 3 km long
  • Preheater, Kiln, Cooler supplied by ThyssenKrupp – 4,300 mtpd
  • Raw mill supplied by ThyssenKrupp – 355 mtph
  • Cement Mills supplied by FLSmidth – 2 x 180 mtph
  • Packing plant and pelletizer supplied by Ventomatic – 2 x 4,300 bph (bags per hour)

“Argos has partnered with PENTA on many previous studies and projects. Currently we are working together on a major plant modernization/upgrade. PENTA’s approach to cost effective engineering solutions, their extensive knowledge from an operational standpoint, and the outstanding services they have always provided are some of the reasons Argos continues to partner with PENTA.”

Victor M Lizarralde, Technical Vice-President Cementos Argos S.A.
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