Project Management


PENTA Engineering Company - industrial mineralsPENTA has provided Project Management for hundreds of successful projects.

PENTA assigns a project team which is comprised of a Principal-in-Charge, Project Manager and a selection of lead engineering professionals from each applicable discipline. The Project Management team under the direction of the Project Manager is responsible for the financial and technical success of the project, maintaining close communications with all parties associated with the project, and attending to the needs of the Owner.

PENTA’s Project Managers are trained in effective communications, scheduling, time management, and inter-personal skills. The Project Management team is provided with all the tools to effectively develop the project, such as state-of-the-art software, which provide daily reports on man-hours, budget status, and other relevant information for a successful project.


Document Control is a critical function in the execution of the engineering and construction management of projects and an integral part of Project Management. At PENTA, the project teams embrace the document control procedures developed over the years to avoid errors or setbacks and support a successful project execution. The incoming and outgoing information from a multiplicity of sources from start to completion must be consistently monitored in an organized and integrated manner.

Record keeping goes beyond keeping track of the receiving and delivering drawings, specifications and calculations. It varies from project to project and may include communications among multiple parties, contractual agreements, reports, minutes of meetings, teleconferences, procurement documentation, and requirements from the field. All this takes place in the context of understanding the project and the needs of the stakeholders, being mindful of budget and schedule, and ready to respond to changes or challenges.

Thanks to the revolution in electronic technology, an enormous amount of information can be transferred instantaneously. Efficiencies have improved, favoring the document review process and overall project management. Close coordination and timely flow of documentation is even more impactful when working with overseas partners or team players, which is frequently the case in PENTA’s projects.

Proper and thorough file maintenance is also critical for future reference, not only from the legal standpoint, but for design, construction and business issues which may arise many years later. PENTA’s IT Department takes a role in securing current and archived files.

Document Control files capture the history of the Company. For PENTA, it has been instrumental in the successful execution of almost 3,000 projects performed in 40 countries since the company was founded. These files are a resource in providing customers well proven designs.


  1. Scope: PENTA develops a complete and thorough DOR (Division of Responsibilities) for all participants so both PENTA and Owner are clear on what needs to be accomplished by each party participating in the project.
  2. Capital and Operating Budgets: PENTA develops the project investment requirements (CAPEX) and the effects on operating costs (OPEX) for the facility being constructed.
  3. Schedule: PENTA develops a complete Master Schedule highlighting the project’s critical paths. Realizing ROI is only possible when projects are concluded on-time and on-budget.
  4. Project Execution Plan (PEP): Our project managers have the experience to conceptualize an accurate PEP and then deliver based on those plans.
  5. Commissioning Plan: PENTA’s comprehensive commissioning plan lays out the specifics of how the project will be put into operation in coordination with the Customer.  PENTA can also assist the Customer so a ramp up for production to full capacity can be accurately planned when the project is completed. Learn more about our plant commissioning process.
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