PENTA has extensive experience in the design, operations, and construction of chemical grade lime plant systems, with special emphasis on calcining and hydrating.  Our in-depth knowledge of the lime industry and comprehensive services allows us to completely develop projects from conceptual design to start-up. Our services include:

Feasibility StudiesCapital and operating cost estimates, process evaluations, and operations analysis.

Engineering Design of Cement Plant Systems:  The core business of PENTA is in the engineering of heavy industrial facilities.  Our highly experienced multi-disciplinary team covers:

Quarrying and Raw Materials Preparation: Geological exploration and study of the limestone quarry to determine the quality of the rock and its suitability for the production of lime; quarry development and mining plans; crushing, and screening.

Grinding and Milling: Design of optimum systems for drying and grinding in ball and roller mills, roller presses, classification by high-efficiency separators, cyclones, and screens.

Stockpiling and Reclaiming Systems: Storage piles, stackers, traveling tripper conveyors, apron and reclaim feeders.

Pyroprocessing: Kiln feed systems; vertical and rotary preheater kilns; kiln firing systems including coke, coal, and natural gas firing systems; pollution control systems consisting of air / air heat exchangers; fabric dust collectors, electrostatic precipitators and fans.

Hydration: Ambient and pressurized hydrator systems; product grinding and classification systems including high surface hydrators, mills, air separators, and other processing and materials handling equipment.

Materials Handling: Bulk materials handling such as belt, screw and air gravity conveyors, bucket, pan conveyors and bucket elevators.

Storage: Storage facilities such as concrete silos, steel tanks, and dome structures; bagging systems and warehousing.

Loading and Unloading Facilities: Truck, rail, or marine facilities for loading and unloading raw materials and finished products.

Instrumentation and Process Control:  design of instrumentation scheme and process control loops.

Commissioning and Start-up: PENTA’s comprehensive commissioning plan lays out the specifics on how the project will be put into operation.  In addition, PENTA assists its clients so that they can accurately plan a ramp up for production to full capacity when the project is completed.

Plant & Company Valuations:  comprehensive valuations that take into consideration business assets, historical earnings, market, mining reserves, production methods, reliability, plant personnel, management, financials and future projections.

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