Construction Management


CM services are provided by PENTA Industrial, a subsidiary of PENTA Engineering Corp. PENTA Industrial is a certified contractor registered in many states of the USA. Construction Managers are experienced in all aspects of CM, including contract preparation, construction bid review and field work management.

PENTA’S Construction Managers are trained in MSHA safety requirements and have as their primary duty to maintain a safe work environment for the duration of the project. Larger projects are assigned a full-time certified safety supervisor.



  • Scope: PENTA develops a complete and thorough DOR (Division of Responsibility) so all stakeholders are fully aware of their responsibility for the construction and start-up.
  • Capital and Operating Budgets: PENTA develops the project investment requirements (CAPEX) and manages the budget carefully to stay within the CAPEX.
  • Schedule: PENTA develops a complete master schedule highlighting the project’s critical paths. Realizing and maximizing ROI is only possible when projects are concluded on-time and on-budget.
  • Project Execution Plan (PEP): Our project managers have the experience necessary to conceptualize an accurate PEP and then deliver based on those plans.
  • Commissioning Plan: On mechanical completion, in coordination with the client, PENTA’s comprehensive commissioning plan lays out the specifics on how the project will be put into operation. In addition, PENTA assists its clients so that they can accurately plan a ramp up for production to full capacity when the project is completed.

“PENTA’s approach to cost-effective engineering, procurement, and construction management solutions, their extensive knowledge from an operational standpoint, and their long-standing track record for providing outstanding services are some of the reasons Dragon decided to partner with PENTA when we upgraded our facility. I feel confident we will use PENTA as a resource for future projects.”

Ray DeGrass, Plant ManagerDragon Products - Thomaston, Maine
  • Planning or Pre-Construction Phase

  • Expediting

  • Quality Control

  • Coordination of Work

  • Contract Drawings, Revisions, Record Sets

  • Weekly Progress Meetings

  • Review Mobilization Plan

  • Preparation of Construction Schedule

  • Review and Analysis of Contractor’s Schedule

  • Coordination with Vendors for Deliveries and Field Services

  • Field Assistance with Problems and Potential Problems

  • Drawing Record Sets

  • Change Order Management

  • Time and Materials Work Management

  • Quality Measurements

  • Post-Construction Closeout and Acceptance

  • Commissioning, Training, and Start-up

  • Claims Management

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