This page was created to test the font changes our WordPress template has built in.

Below are the preset styles for headings and a paragraph of plain text WITH CUSTOMIZED SIZE USED. I know Franco said he wanted bigger text on the PENTA site.  This area below using your default text has an increased size than the live site.


Here is what a heading 1 will look like in your default font

Here is what a heading 2 will look like

Here is what a heading 3 will look like

Here is what a heading 4 will look like

Here is a block of regular content:

PENTA Engineering Corp. specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction management services. A multidisciplinary firm, PENTA has been providing comprehensive consulting and design/build solutions to the cement, lime, industrial minerals, mining, coal, frac sand, and agricultural industries since 1986.

Font Sans Serif and Serif differences:

Web safe fonts:

Here is a link to the top 40 web fonts

I would just suggest Arial.  It is best practice for multiple platforms and all devices.  If you want something with a little flair, but is still safe – Lato.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to include multiple fonts on your site’s editor/theme with your live text on one page without building large amounts of individual classes for each sentence/paragraph for each font.  This is the best way in the interest of time.

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