PENTA offers design/build services to the frac sand, proppants, mining, and mineral processing industries. When the world’s industrial plants have required upgrades or modifications, they have trusted PENTA’s expert team to provide high-quality, innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise and know-how assists you in achieving your goals. At PENTA, smart and practical engineering designs dramatically reduces rework. which historically has led to projects completion on-schedule and on-budget.

PENTA is a single-source provider with a proven track record.

  • Practical and constructable engineering designs
  • Construction of industrial plants with rigid technological specifications and requirements
  • Installation of plant processing systems
  • Mines designed to match your specific needs
  • Industrial design with special consideration given to ease of operation and maintenance

PENTA’s Frac Sand Services:

  • Frac Sand Drying and Screening Plants
  • Frac Sand Resin Coating Plants
  • Proppant Transloading Facilities

Tackling complex logistics projects is PENTA’s forte. we engineer every plant to be energy efficient while simultaneously  allowing facilities to reduce operational costs. Key staff have a unique combination of field and engineering experience in the industries we serve. This facilitates the construction of plants with easy equipment maintenance access points, with user-friendly operator interface systems. PENTA’s modular and containerized designs have reduced plant downtime during construction, and expedited construction schedules.

Frac Sand Drying and Screening Plants:

PENTA designs advanced screening plants to maximize ROI. We will design your drying and screening plant to produce a range of proppants to satisfy client requirements. The plants utilize technologically advanced systems and state-of-the-art equipment to operate and produce to a clients specifications.

Sand coating process design includes:

  • Sand flow control system
  • Heat recovery system to help reduce fuel consumption and optimize the sand temperature control
  • Mixer and sand inlet temperature measurement
  • Dust tight resin unloading and storage system
  • Accurate mixer and additives addition system (max 2% error)
  • Mixer and continuous mixer thermal oxidizer emission control system
  • Dust collection system
  • Raw sand unloading system with automatic sampling and raw sand product inventory
  • Rail, truck, and marine load-out systems
  • American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist (ACGIH) standards are used for ventilation systems to provide a compliant work environment for employees

Frac Sand Transloading Systems:

PENTA will engineer your plant’s transloading system with:

  • Optimum systems for loading and unloading materials using industry standards of accuracy.
  • Dust collection systems
  • Unloaded materials screening system to prevent foreign objects from being transferred into storage silos
  • Empty belt unloading conveyor alarm system
  • Real-time silo inventory management
  • Multi-lane load-out that can accommodate several trucks simultaneously
  • Remote and/or local load-out controls
  • Automatic bulk storage selection
  • Accurate inventory management systems that can be accessed remotely

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