April News

Structural inspection of concrete dome:

Conducted at a phosphate producing plant by an experienced Senior Structural.  PENTA visually inspected the dome, collected information, discussed with key personnel the issues of concern and later sent an Executive Report with findings and recommendations on steps to follow.

Electrical Engineering for a cement plant kiln upgrade:

PENTA will be performing plant detailed electrical engineering services in support of installation of the various electrical and controls, instrumentation, and ancillary systems required for a plant production capacity upgrade to 3600 stpd.  The project includes installation of a new raw mill, preheater tower, kiln drive, coal mill and clinker cooler. Three new electrical rooms, along with modification of one existing room are also required as part of the project.

Appraisal of facility:

PENTA Performed an appraisal of facility on an 8 acre area for the development of a park and recreation area in Colorado. Scanning technology was used to check existing structures, buildings and equipment for accuracy, allowing to have a record of everything at the site for many years after the site is removed.  PENTA provided a cost of re-constructing the existing facility, and prepared process flow sheets, an equipment list and material take-offs.

Cement silo loadout study:

PENTA is performing a Capital Cost Estimate for a two 2,000 ton silos loadout system capable of loading a truck and pup simultaneously from either silo without moving the truck.  The end goal is to have a fully automatic truck loadout.

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