Projects: Lime Brownfield EPCM Project
Location: Southern United States
Client: Confidential
Industry: Lime
Solution/Service: EPC and EPCM Services


A lime industry client wanted to establish a new processing plant at an existing operation to produce a new product to meet market demand.


PENTA was engaged to provide EPCM services including development of basic and detail engineering (civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering), perform procurement of equipment and construction services including quoting, bid tabulation/evaluation/recommendation to the client for their final selection. PENTA also provide a full time Construction Manager to oversee construction activities on behalf of the client.


By having the new processing plant operational, the client was able to meet market demand for their new product.


  • PENTA utilized 3D scanning to locate the new processing plant within the Brownfield project site helping to avoid interferences with existing operations.
  • PENTA procuring both equipment and construction services allowed for compressing the overall project schedule.
  • The Full-Time Construction Manager supported a (6) month construction duration.
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